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Eilersen Capacitive &
Digital Load Cells

Eilersen is designing and producing. Capacitive Load/Force sensors(Load Cells)
for dynamic / static weighing systems needed in many fields of industry ...

SENSOR TEKNOLOJİLERİ Weight,Force , Torque And Level Sensors

Eilersen Capacitive and Digital Load Cells

In 1958, a young Nils Eilersen was approached by his father to build an electronic scale for the family furniture business in order to measure ...

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TAM Torque And More

We are experts in the field of developing, testing and producing sophisticated and market leading magnetic principle based sensing technologies. Our key applications for the global markets ...

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ABM Sensor Technology

Established in Peterborough, Canada 17 years ago ABM Sensor Technology is the first company in the world to manufacture plug and play self adjusting non-contact level devices based on microwave and ultrasonic technology. ...

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Ağırlık Sensörleri

Ağırlık Sensörleri


Sensor Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited founded 2005 in Ankara and closely monitors the latest technological developments in the fields of measurement sensors, process instrumentation and equipments which are used in the industrial areas. Our company offers the best possible solutions about measurement sensors, process instrumentation and equipments. In addition; with the appropriate technology and right choice of products; Our company continues its extensive studies including knowledge of materials, installation, supervision, technical support, commissioning and user training.


The World's First Hygienic Beam Load Cells

NEW robust digital beam load cell in a new hygienic (aseptic) design for dynamic weighing, process w